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This page is made up of my own experiences and cullings from the X-power forums

The MG ZT 260 is a low volume variant of the MG ZT which in turn is a development of the Rover 75.It is not merely a quick trim change but a conversion from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive and dropping in a hooning great Ford Mustang V8. Only about 850 of these were made, and as MG Rover were a bit strapped for cash, the development spend was about £30M which seems a lot when you consider the volume of cars made but is tiny in the grand scheme of car development.  As a consequence there are a few unresolved issues which can generally be sorted out with the right information and the right suppliers.

Am I mad to buy one?

After glancing at the list below you may have thought so, but in fact you are quite sane!  The drive train of the 260 is bullet proof and massively overspecified (some owners are happily running 400hp supercharged variants with no chassis, brake or drivetrain mods) and the basic ZT platform is a tried trusted and reliable piece of engineering.  The issues discussed below only affect some cars and are almost all solveable.  Do do your homework and get in there!  Just remember your biggest outlay will be for fuel with the ZT260 managing  mpg's in the low 20's.
Here is some Buyers Advice.

Is there other support out there?
Yes!  There are plenty of ex MGR dealers out there of varying quality and there is an owners support network called the
Two-sixties which has been spawned from the X-power forums.

You need to join the MG owners club to participate and then you will get access to all the forums. Full access means you get to chat to an ever growing number of owners of this unique car, also help from service engineers and some of the characters involved in the cars creation.  Between us we have encountered and addressed most of the issues you are likely to come across. So come and join in!


Why does my instrument sometimes flash a red light at me?
How do I make my climate control display back light blue?
Why is my rear end clunking?
Why are my carpets wet?
When should I change my diff oil?
What ICE should I fit?
Why don't my mats fit?
Why does my radio make a buzzing noise?
What tyres should I fit?
How much fuel does it use?
What oil should I use?
Why do my front wheels hop on full lock at slow speeds?
How much does it cost to run?
How do I make it go faster?
What brakes does it use? Updated 12 November 2009 with advice on lathing rear brakes
What servicing / Parts does it need?
Why do my front tyres wear unevenly?- tracking info. New 12 November 2009

MG ZT260 known issues

Gearbox Oil Leaks  New 2 March 2010
Diff Oil Leaks  New 2 March 2010
Fraying alternator belt 
Poor climate control  Updated 12 November 2009 new temperature valve available for better control of cabin temp
Weak heater pipe
Fuel filter clip
Sticky throttle
Poor starting -smoke! Bad earth strap 
Delaminating Badges
Pathetic Horn - (The two-sixties.com horny link)
Bursting radiator due to fan resistor
Breaking springs on earlier cars New! 12 November 2009

Other Stuff
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