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Delaminating Badges

Some owners have found that the MG badges on the front grille and boot are delaminating.  I am afraid this is down to cheap parts and replacing them with MG parts seems to only be a temporary fix.

When removing the old one badge, please don't try and lever the old one off as it will damage the paint around it. Get a small electrical screwdriver with approx 3mm blade width and grind it down to a flat sharp point .then push it hard with a twisting action into the centre of the badge, the MG insert will then come off first, leaving the plastic chrome bit behind. do the same with this as soon as a hole is made use the screwdriver in a scraping action as flat as possible behind the badge to separate the adhesive. The badge will then lever off easily, any scratches made to back of badge seating can then be smoothed off with a sharp chisel, of course this doesn't matter as the new one will cover it up.  Replacements cost just over a fiver from dealers.

A possible solution to prevent the problem re appearing is to spray some layers of clear lacquer on your new badge. You can get a spray can from Halfords for UKP4.99. This should give extra protection to prevent water ingress.

Of course there is the nuclear option to buy the stainless steel badges (for the front only) for about GBP26 each which are beautiful to look at but unfortunately they appear to be magnets for thieves and at least one owner has has his pinched very shortly after fitting it!

They look like this:
Stainless MG badge

You can order through a thread on the X-power forum: X-Power forum stainless badge thread

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