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  Gearbox Oil Leaks

Rear oil seal
A few owners (me included) have had gearbox rear oil seals leak.  The clues are drops of red oil under the gearbox or a sheen of oil under the car from about the gear lever back.  I now check at MoT time to make sure.

Please note that there is no warning light for the gearbox level.

There is no need to remove the gearbox if its the tail shaft seal that needs replaced.
1) remove mid section of the exhaust
2) remove prop shaft (it may be possible to detach it from the gearbox end and to tie it off to 1 side)
3) remove prop drive flange
4) fit new seal (part no TBX000140 should be about £15) and put it all back together
5) The box MUST be drained and then refilled with 3.6 litres of Dextron 111.

IMPORTANT REMEMBER that the filler plug is NOT the level plug so you MUST measure the amount of oil you put in.
Make sure the garage knows as overfilling will cause it to leak again!
Should be £100-£150 labour

Output shaft adapter
If you do have a gearbox oil leak check with care as it may also be the output shaft that cracks at the weld allowing oil to leak through it.
You can have the weld repaired. Or get one for £80 from SMC.  Output shaft for sale from SMC
It looks like this!
Prop shaft adaptor

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