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This page is made up of my own experiences and cullings from the Xpower forums

Engine oil

The car's filler caps (marked 5w20) is at odds with the manual which recommends 5w30 Mobil 1, and many the local outlets cannot get, or don't think that 5w30 Mobil 1 exists although I  have found it al Halfords in Newbury.

It has been suggested that using different oil to the manual could invalidate the warranty, so if you have a 3rd party warranty I would go with what ever you dealer suggests - but check thy are not putting any old rubbish in!

For out of warranty cars one owner suggests, use any 5W/30 oil meeting specification ACEA A3 (noted on the container).

Dreadnought (I would trust these guys from feed back I have read) say that the engine oil specified by Sean Hyland and MG is Castrol Formula SLX Longtec this is a fully synthetic 0-30 oil, they used it in their race ZT520 for the Britacar 24hr to great effect a nd also use it in their workshop for all 260, supercharged ZT400 and Mustangs.

Manual gearbox

Dreadnought suggests you use Dextron 111 or Mercon 111.

Dreadnought suggest the diff oil should be castrol 75-140 SAF XF.  They have stopped using Mobil as we had a few problems with noisey diff when we used it. They can supply the diff oil in 1 Litre bottles through our on line shop at www.dreadnought-mg.co.uk.
Other suggestions are that you should use any a 80W/140 oil meeting specification API GL5 and use Mobil SHC or Castrol SAF - XJ for refill or
topping up

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