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  Heater Pipe Weakness

This usually shows up as lots of steam from under the bonnet!

The problem is the heater hose behind throttle body split at the 90-degree bend. There is no permanent OE fix, and a temporary fix on the road can be done with hose repair tape, but pipe needs replacing with a better quality item, or using polypropylene pipes spliced in to replace bend.

 The pipe is here!

Weak heater hose location

There are a couple of solutions suggested by the 260s.

Make up the elbow with two bits of 22mm copper pipe at each end.

 Copper pipe fix

Or buy the Eliza Tinsley Elbow - 3207980 NCB and Straight - 3205980 NCS From B&Q; each packet contains 2 connectors, but obviously you only need 1 of each.

 Hose fix plastic


One option is not to bother installing it and to keep it as part of the 260 kit bag you carry around. The additions will be water, knife &, two 15 - 27 jc clips (4 for the plastic hose variant), and mk1 elbow or plastic pipes and about 6" of 19mm heater (bore) hose.
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