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Tracking and wheel alignment

Tracking settings are different between the ZT260 and the normal ZT.

Most tyre factors don't realise this and some will argue with you until you produce a print out from the ZT260 workshop manual.....

The data here is from my copy of the 260 training notes and confirmed by Scooter from Dreadnought as the later factory settings.

Front toe total +0deg 12' +-0deg 6'   (6 minutes per side!)
Front camber -1deg10' +-0deg 15'

rear toe total 0deg 36' +- 0deg 6'   (18 minutes per side!)
rear camber -2deg 05' +-0deg 15'

Thrust 0deg 00' +-0deg 6'

If you have problems like the front outer outer edges of the tyres wear first, you need to get the car checked by someone who has the correct four wheel kit, you need to make sure the rear is correct and the thrust line is correct before looking at the front tracking. Does the car pull to the right, do you make a sharp turn to the right such as a right turn into your home or work as these could be the cause. It could be that you have not enough camber on that side or there is a bent hub carrier or suspension arm. A good four wheel kit with a good operator should be able to find the fault if you tell him why you want it checked.

And just in case!
Tyre pressures Front 34 psi Rear 36 psi

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