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Sticky Throttle

If you are experiencing a sticky throttle pedal when the throttle has been closed i.e. you try to gently ease on the gas, nothing happens & then it un-sticks and gives the drivetrain a lovely jolt then you may be one of a couple of problems:

1) Possibly you may have a problem where the cable comes through the bulkhead. If you disconnect the cable at the throttle and check that the pedal is free on its full travel, you might find that the cable is sticking when you put a load on it it may feel OK if you don't have a load on it.   It is possible for the cables cut groves in the ends and only sticks when they have been put under quite a heavy load (full throttle against the stop.


2) Most likely if you have fitted the Accufab throttle body; during a deceleration, the throttle plates flex and get pulled slightly further closed than normal as the high vacuum caused by a quick deceleration can pull the throttle plate further back into the throttle causing the sticking, that is why its OK when the motor is not running. So when you next accelerate, the throttle sticks.

The fix is easy; open the throttle plate set screw 1/8 of turn to give more plate clearance to the bore. It may require a 1/4 turn or more but be careful only to open as much as necessary or you might lose idle speed control due to excessive airflow through the throttle body so note how much you adjust the screw you can go back if you over do it.

Picture below shows Accufab throttle body with idle screw arrowed.

Accufab Throttle body

Dreadnought had the same problem with the ZT520 race car at Cadwell to-day one whole turn of the idle stop cured it and stopped the car going sideways all over the track!

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