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No not that - behave!  I cannot reccomned anything as peoples taste in car audio varies hugely! I am very impressed with the Harman Karndon system fitted to Mrs Spunagains ZTT190.  My ZT 260 came with the base Kenwood system with Goodmans speakers which I was not really happy with so here's the route I took!

I fitted a Pioneer DEH P70BT Bluetooth head unit in the ZT260, was pretty straight forward, the microphone fits into the interior light pod (lever off the clear light cover, unscrew the 2 fixing cross head screws and pull out) I split the pioneer microphone case to make as clear a path to the microphone as possible through the lighting pod grille and fixed it with duct tape. I pulled off the trim cover on the A pillar and routed the cable using a thicker cable as a "cable pull" which I could push through from the lighting pod to the top of the 'A' pillar without removing the headlining. The rest I routed under the dash again using a thicker cable as a "pull".

 It works very will with my Motorola V3 even at motorway speeds.

 I also retro fitted the ZT Harman Kardon sub under rear shelf. (£50) (I ported the sound using a sawn off plastic bass reflex tube bought from Maplin (~£3) as I could not find a grille, and this looks very neat and low key. Cutting the hole in the rear parcel shelf was a pig and I used a hole saw which I pulled through from the top with the drill in the boot. This saved dismantling the rear shelf) I think the HK sub does help as looking at the design of the sub it does appear to been thought about. But some of the later ZT's (like mine) came without the sponge insulation between the parcel shelf and the metal part of the parcel shelf, this had a hole in it which did the job of my plastic tube from Maplin (see below) which was to act as a tuned port. Take that sponge tube away and the system will perform differently (sp!) to the way it was intended.

Heres how it looks
ZT sub install

And a little closer!

ZT Sub port 1

 I also fitted a Pioneer 12-CD autochanger, which bolted into the boot next to the battery using the already present captive nuts. I did need to make the hole in the pioneer bracket a little larger using a rats tail file to make it fit perfectly. It is fitted using 2x20mm M5 bolts, but not the 4 as I was too lazy to drill 2 new holes into the pioneer brackets to fit the other 2 captive bolts in the boot. I di not need to buy the m5x20mm bolts (I had some lying around!)

Here's the mess I have made of the battery compartment:

 Sub amp and CD changer

I fitted the new speakers in the existing spaces but needed to cut some of the surrounding metal away to accomodate the depth of the speakers.  TI Rich's approach was to make wooded speaker mounts which is what I should have done but I am useless at wood working!

So my setup is now:

Pioneer DEH-P70BT CD/MP3 Bluetooth tuner head unit

Infinity Reference 6.5-inch woofers in front doors with infinity crossover and original OEM fit tweeters through the infinity crossover. (Infinity tweeters were too peaky at about 4kHz) (£80 from Ebay)

Infinity Kappa 520i 6.5 inch (with integral tweeters) in rear doors (£25 SH from a mate)

Harman Kardon sub under rear shelf from Roverbreakers.com.

A Panasonic 2x30W amp (free from an old car which did not need it) in the rear wheel well.

Pioneer 12x CD auto-changer

I now have a low profile install, which gives me a better sound than the full HK setup in my other half’s ZTT! The whole system sounds fab and I am very pleased with the whole set up.

Other costs: phono leads £6 from Maplin, battery connectors £0.68 from auto factors (NOT Halfords), Sub mounts £3 or so from Kenrhams rover.


Disclaimer! I am not an expert in this field but asked a few people I respect as experts in acoustics and made something I think works well!

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