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This page is made up of my own experiences and cullings from the Xpower forums

  Engine Misfire

Misfires on the ZTT can be caused by one of 2 issues:

A) The fuel system delivering poor fuel pressure due to the fuel filter assembly coming apart.

The cure is to fit a new locking clip - Part number WJC000230Y - this should be done before the event happens (preventative maintenance) this affects all ZTs not just the 260s.  I plan to buy the clip and keep it in the glove box just in case, for the AA to do as I am a cheapskate and don’t want to pay for it to be done!

If you want to try it yourself there is a fantastic article on the MGOC website on how to replace the fuel pump by Roger Parker. Below is ZTTMAN’s abridged version!

The fuel unit is on the nearside, under the rear seat. (I think its function is to hold fuel at the pick up point within the tank & when it unscrews, the fuel just falls back into the tank)

 It is part number WJC000230Y and cost me £4.34 including vat.

 The filter is in the left hand side of the fuel tank, under a cover plate, beneath the rear seat squab.

If the AA is fixing this, their rules apparently say the tank must be half full or less to avoid fuel spillage. The AA will have to use the old hammer and chisel routine to loosen the locking ring and re-tighten it as no special tool is available on their vans. This means it is only classed as a temporary repair, and you will be advised to get it checked and retightened by a dealer.

* Just remember that we are talking about dealing with an open topped fuel tank inside a car here, so no naked lights / sparks / power tools and loads of ventilation, plus avoidance of spillage *

1) Remove the rear seat squab (Pull the front upwards to unclip then push backwards to release at rear. It will probably require a grovel underneath the raised squab to help release the rear.)
fuel filter access

2) Remove the body cover plate over the filter / regulator assembly (That is the access plate on the left hand side behind the passenger seat [UK]. The access plate on the right hand [UK driver] side covers the similar installation for the fuel pump.)
fuel filter top

3) Release any trapped pressure in the fuel system by depressing the Schrader valve (under a trendy coloured dust cap by the throttle body under the bonnet)

4) Detach the push fit fuel pipe by pushing in the green retainer clip and tie back out of the way.

5) Make up a simple metal tool to remove the locking ring, and detach it. (mine was actually made from a couple of stainless steel wall ties bolted together, but whatever you use, it must be capable of the 38Nm installation torque)
fuel filter tool

6) Partially remove the filter regulator assembly, and twist both halves firmly back together and fit the clip (The joint is immediately above the stainless steel reinforcing band)
fuel filter withdrawn

Or use a smalll self tapper screw to hold the halves together
fuel filter screw

7) Reassemble by reversing the process, and ensuring that the seal between the tank and assembly is correctly installed and the locking ring torqued to 38Nm.

B) MAF sensor contamination in Air filter box

There have been situations when travelling in heavy rain, the 260 can suffer from misfires due to water getting up into the air intake affecting the MAF sensor. The mod is to clean out and tape the cavity at the bottom of the inlet making sure there was an escape hole to let the water out. See MGR technical sheet.
Misfire technical sheet

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