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Running Costs


Most 260s are Group F, which is £190 per year but watch out if you get one of the 2006 registered cards SMC in Slough have got up for sale as you could be in Group G at £210 per year.


This of course varies but here are some providers with quotes mostly for middle-aged blokes like me! Watch out as some insist on a having a tracker fitted (often annual fee let alone fitting negates any savings!) whereas most want a Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm system.

One thing to remember; modding your car will make insurance much more of a headache!  Since I have modded my cars (Elise and ZT260) Adrian Flux have been the way to go as you can see from the quotes I got this year.

Adrian Flux

OK for modded cars
£674 with 5 years no claims, I’m 35 and the car is “off road”. 20% of that cost is extra loading for the Accufab throttle body and Holley performance filter.

Other people have been quoted with a Supercharger for £738, £350 excess, No Track cover.

Standard insurance, Lancaster

(Not me) £572, 60%NC, £350 Access, no track cover

First Alternative http://www.firstalternative.com/ 0845 607 0380.
Won't quote if the car is modded

Otherwise (Not me) £435 Fully Comp, protected for an old git in Aberdeen

Alan and Alan 0800 4581060
OK for modded cars. But  quoted me in £1042 April 2006 Ouch

High performance direct/Prestige
OK for modded cars
Over £900 for me


(Not me) £800 for the 260 with 1 years no claims,


(Not me) £452 fully comp etc + legal protection.

Lancaster Insurance (MGOC) 01480 484800

(Not me) £420 fully comp, no tracker required
Quoted me over £900 in April 2006

Peter Best insurance services 01621840400

(Not me) £508.00 fully comp protected max no claims but 3 points, cost for the year

Steve Marsh at A-Plan 01908-271771

(Not me) £690 fully comp, protected NCB etc plus class 1 business use for

AXA insurance
Need to refer to agents if you have modded your cars

(Not me) £322 fully comp, £600 excess fully protected NCB value £17K


Major services are at 15000 mile and should cost £160-200.

But the 260 needs an oil change every 5000 miles costing £60-90

The engine major servicing interval is 150,000 miles!


10,000 miles a year at 90p per litre at 21mpg will cost you nearly £2,000 per year!

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